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death-give means the same thing as life-take

thanks for the replies, guys!  it seems most everyone agrees there isn’t a hugely strong theme or whatever in my work, but everyone seems to be saying ‘just roll with it’ hahaha… *cough* i guess i shouldn’t think about it too much anymore then @__@

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tripleshades answered your question: having a theme

You’re still developing your style, it seems, but that’s an okay thing to do! Feeling inconsistant is okay right now.

oh.. man.. it is WEIRD hearing i’m still developing my style since i’ve been drawing for… 16 years… but artists are always changing so maybe i will never actually fall into something set in the long run (which is ok with me)

mythril replied to your post: having a theme

OWLS no actually this is EXACTLY HOW I FEEL about my art too haha /brohug! One thing you have though that stretches across your art I think is your sense of color! Even if the colors are different your palettes feel unique to you!

well thanks, i’m glad you like my colors :D i’d say with you i definitely get a sense of happiness or purity from the people you draw, they feel very genuine and real to me. and also i think you have a good sense of form especially with like clothes or hair *__*

lastlabyrinth answered your question: having a theme

I don’t know man, you do different stuff but I think it’s all quite good! And I do think you have a distinct style of drawing characters.

thanks! i guess even with characters i feel somewhat across the board since i feel like i have very distinct ‘cute’ and ‘serious’ ways of drawing people and it seems funny to me that people can see my cute girl standing in the field and then scroll some more and be like “who is this scary lady with a crack in her head”

retronator answered your question: having a theme

Hmm, cute women? :D But at least you’re not alone. I have 100% the same problem; pencils, pixels, digital, portraits, design, webpages … :S

haha.. it’s funny you mention women, since i’ve definitely gone through phases where i couldn’t draw women for shit and only drew guys (i was really into neoclassicism at the time) and then have it switch around again… right now i’m definitely not drawing guys as much, should practice that, but at the same time… i just wanna draw cute girls right now…

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